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Sukkahs In Israel – Doing it Right since 2010

We’ve been Providing high quality Sukkahs since 2010

Sukkahs in Israel provides “Sukkah solutions” for residents and visitors in the greater Jerusalem area and beyond, working with the famous brand-name “Sukkot Jerusalem” Sukkahs, known as the best Sukkahs on the market.

Based in central Jerusalem we’ve been offering rentals and sales to a wide spectrum of clients, from young marrieds and senior couples to Baalei Simchah and restaurants and of course a large presence in the vacation industry.

Quality Sukkah Materials

Individualized Service

Customized Sukkah Dimensions

Sukkahs for Every Need

Sales and Rentals

Sukkahs in Israel isn’t just about you having your sukkah but about doing it properly. You can invite us to measure your location to make sure everything will fit right and of course take advantage of our construction team who will do all the hard stuff for you. Our team will also be able to advise you what makes the most sense for your home.

About Sukkahs In Israel
Sukkah Rentals

Sukkah Rentals

Rent a Sukkah that fits your location and needs exactly. We’ll deliver, assemble, disassemble, and pick up the Sukkah so all you need to do is enjoy the Sukkah like royalty.

Sukkah Sales

Buy a quality Sukkah from the collection of Israel’s leading Sukkah providers. Our team will help you choose exactly the right Sukkah and furnishings to make your holiday great.