Sukkah Rentals

Rent a complete Sukkah with Installation

Relax & Enjoy

We’re sure that you’ll love all the benefits and convenience a Sukkah rental offers. Your Sukkah will come with everything needed.

Sturdy metal Sukkah frame

Lovud straps so your Sukkah is LaMehadrin

Decorative material walls

Windows all around

Sechach with an Eidah Charedis Hechsher ("Kainis")

Extra wooden beams holding the Sechach in place

Patented clips designed to hold your Sukkah together

Furniture Rentals

You should also consider choosing from our range of accessories and give your Sukkah that finishing touch. You can add chairs, tables, lights, and beds.

Need Help Choosing?

We can assist you in selecting the Sukkah and furniture that will make your holiday perfect. Click the button and send us a message to get started.